Limun’s Japanese Class | Questioning – 3/3

にほんご : Japanese
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本編 | Main Topic


I am Limun who slept for 10hours.
Let’s learn Japanese leisurely.


Well, today you will learn about how to make question in Japanese.
Let’s begin.

例文 | Example


解説 | Explanation

Finally, I will explain the second sentence.

Last time we learned example sentence.

右に曲がると左手に銀行が見える : turn right and you will see the bank on the left

Let’s compare the original second sentence and this sentence.

The original one is “そこの角を右に曲がると左手にありますよ。”.

What is “そこの角”?
If you understand them you can understand the whole sentence.

You learned “それ” before right?
And it changed into “そこ”.

“角” means “corner”

so “そこの角” means “that corner”.

So now you have every parts to understand.

The first sentence, someone asked
and we understand that someone want to know where a bank is.

And the answer is
It means “turn right at that corner and a bank is on your left”

You have to remember the very important thing now.
You don’t have to say the subject.

Now it is obvious that speaker is mentioning about “a bank”.

So 銀行はそこの角を右に曲がると左手にありますよ” is also good, but it is too long.

That’s why I made a sentence without the subject.

Next, the last sentence.


It means “Thank you”.
Just “ありがとう” is also good.
It is like “Thanks”.

“ありがとうございます” is more polite and better when you talk people who you meet at first.

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おまけ | Extra Topic

Today’s Cool Japanese Words

Love is blind.


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