Hyakunin isshu-5

Ogura hyakunin issyu
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I will introduce “Ogura hyakunin isshu” No.5 in this article.

In this category “Ogura hyakunin isshu”, I will introduce every “waka” one by one.

This article is for me and you who want to know about hyakunin isshu.

It may contains mistake and I don’t care about little mistakes.

Let’s begin!



“Ogura hyakunin isshu”のカテゴリーでは、一つ一つ和歌を紹介していきます。





This Waka is composed by Sarumaruno Daifu(猿丸大夫).

He is one of Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry.

They are 36 people who are good at composing Waka in Heian era.


奥山に 紅葉踏み分け鳴く鹿の 声聞く時ぞ 秋は悲しき

It is read like

“Okuyamani momijifuniwake nakishikano koekikutokizo akihakanashiki “

Okuyamani means “in the deep of the mountain”.

Momijifumiwake means like “going somewhere step by step in Japanese maple”.

Nakushikano means like “a deer which is calling”

Koekikutokizo means “the moment that I hear the calling”.

Akihakanashiki means “that autumn makes me sad”.

So I will summarize the meaning of the Waka.

“I heard the calling of the deer in the deep part of the mountain with Japanese maples. The moment in the autumn makes me sad. ”


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