Japanese class – またカレー?2

にほんご : Japanese
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Main contents


Hello. I’m Limun who want to cook very well. Let’s learn Japanese this time.

Main sentences

Mauz: またカレーを食べてるんですか?

Limun: はい。カレーは美味しいし、手軽に作れるからね

Mauz: ちゃんと野菜も食べないとダメだよ!

Limun: 野菜も食べます。頑張ります。


Today I will explain about the second sentence.

This sentence is easy to understand.


This is so easy. It means “yes”
We use it when we want to say “yes”.

And はい is used at first when you want to say something.

For example,

はい。わかりました。 : I see.

はい。私もそう思います。 : I think so too.

はい。頑張ります。 : I will do my best.


At first you have to know that “〜し” is casual way to say “but”.
And 美味しい is “delicious “.
So this sentence is
Curry and rice is delicious and…


In this sentence, the subject is “curry and rice”.
So this part is like “カレーは手軽に作れるからね”.

手軽に means easily.

作る(to make) is transformed into 作れる(be able to make).

から is added when you want to say reasons.

ね is added when you want to express casualty.

So it means like

It is easy to cook right?




Curry and rice is delicious and it is easy to cook right?


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