Bizen 備前焼

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Hello! It is a waraka. Japan is rainy season from now on.
(rainy season =Tuyu in Japanese)
Now! Today is the fifth of Yaumiya Urushiya-lacquer diary-!
Today I would like to introduce not only lacquer but also pottery ♪
I will continue to talk not related to lacquer.

Pottery has production area in Japan more than lacquer!
the pottery to be introduced today is Bizen-yaki from Okayama Prefecture.

مرحبا! إنا ورقة.اليابان موسم الأمطار من الآن فصاعدا.
(موسم الأمطار = Tuyu باللغة اليابانية)
  اليوم هو الخامس من يومية وروشيّة- يوميات ورنيش!
  اليوم سوف أعرض الفخار.
منذ أن أعرض الأشياء اليابانية التي لا تتعلق ورنيش

يحتوي الفخار على منطقة إنتاج في اليابان أكثر من ورنيش!
الفخار الذي سيتم عرضه اليوم هو Bizen-yaki من Okayama Prefecture.

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備前焼とは 土の持ち味を楽しめる陶器です。釉薬を一切使わず窯の温度調節によって模様がつけられます。その素朴さから茶道のわびさびの世界に通じてるとして、人気になりました。

Bizen yaki

Bizen pottery is made of soil only. It do not use glaze. You can enjoy the taste of the soil.The simplicity is said to lead to the “wabi” and “sabi” of the tea ceremony.So it became popular as a tea cup.



there are many good stories about Bizen. I will produce some of them.

その一 投げても割れない、、、!?


Part 1 “Bizen ware does not break even if thrown”

Unlike other pottery, Bizen-yaki does not use glaze (like a glass that covers the pottery) and is firmly baked for 10 days with a broom so its so strong → so it does not break even if you throw it! It came to be said that. But don’t throw it because it will break if you actually throw it 😂

その2 水が腐らない!?




Part 2 “If you put water in Bizen pot, it wont go bad”

it is too much to say that it doesn’t rot, but it seems that the water does not go bad easily compared to other pottery! The reason is that its structure-it doesn’t use glaze, so there are fine holes and it seems to be breathable. The water will last for a long time!

Besides that, there are various stories such as “Sake becomes delicious,” “tea is hard to cool,” and “You can drink while water is cold.” Please check again if you are concerned


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