4/24/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/24/2020 in Japan.

The government Will Send Medical Masks and Gowns

While the outbreak of new coronaviruses continues to spread, Prime Minister Abe has told the government’s task force that medical institutions lacking medical masks and gowns will take precautions to prevent infection at medical sites. The government has indicated that it will give priority to distribution.

A governor of Osaka Shows the Name of Pachinko Parlor

On 04/24/2020, a governor of Osaka showed the name of pachinko parlors which don’t accept shutdown request from Osaka. This plan calls for suspending the work.

All Undelivered Masks Are Recalled

The government has started delivering  masks for the protection of the virus. However recently they found the masks with foreign objects. Because of this two companies decided to recall the masks which haven’t delivered yet.

Working time of Japan Post Will Be Short

Post offices in 7prefectures like Tokyo, and Osaka have already shortened working time since 04/22/2020. Moreover, 6 prefectures in the specific alert prefectures will do the same from 04/27/2020. However, working time of ATM in the post offices are same.

-医療用マスクなど 不足の医療機関に政府が優先配布の方針

医療用マスクなど 不足の医療機関に政府が優先配布の方針 | NHKニュース

-パチンコ店6カ所公表 要請応じず営業継続―全国初、特措法45条・大阪府

パチンコ店6カ所公表 要請応じず営業継続―全国初、特措法45条・大阪府:時事ドットコム

-郵便局 窓口の時間短縮 新たに6道府県に拡大へ 新型コロナ

-未配の布マスクすべて回収へ 不良品問題で2社 新型コロナ





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