4/23/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/23/2020 in Japan.

SHARP Masks Will Resell from 04/27/2020

On 04/23/2020, SHARP declared to resell the masks on their website using the lottery. On 04/27/2020, they will start applying the lottery to buy masks from 0:00-23:59(Japan Time).

On 04/26/2020, they will do the lottery  and they will show the result who people can buy them.

Tokyo Calls for the Companies to Give 12 days off

A governor of Tokyo calls for the companies and 3 states governors (Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama) to give 12 days off from 04/25/2020 to 05/06/2020 .Right now she cooperates with them and continues to call for them.

Tokyo Will Make STAY HOME Week from 04/25/2020

A governor of Tokyo introduced about STAY HOME week from 04/25/2020 to 05/06/2020.

She called for these policies as below:

  1. People want to go to supermarkets, you will go there  twice a week
  2. Making portal website from 04/25/2020-05/06/2020
  3. Making STAY HOME WEEK until the end of Golden Week

Some people Go to the Sea in Kanagawa, Syonan

In Japan, because of the virus, the prime minister has proclaimed the state of the emergency but some people go outside to do the surfing and so forth. A governor of Kanagawa declared to stay at home but the residents from other prefectures go to the sea in Kanagawa, Syonan.

Yuriko Koike Will Announce The Rule of Going to Supermarkets

Yuriko Koike, a governor of Tokyo is going to introduce about the congestion measures for going to supermarkets at 16:30 (Japan Time).

People live in Tokyo stay at home but some family and some people go to supermarkets and shopping districts in order to buy their necessities. Because of that, she warns about this problem and proclaims how to prevent from the virus.

Kumiko Okae, Japanese Actor died 63

Kumiko Okae, is Japanese actor died 63 by the corona virus so that many Japanese people shocked this news. Moreover, Japanese people reminded Ken Shimura, who is Japanese comedian as well. Because of the virus, a lot of celebrities and people who live all over the world is struggling.


東京都「企業は12連休を」 首都圏3県と協力依頼

東京都「企業は12連休を」 首都圏3県と協力依頼


都知事「買い物3日に1回」、GWは「ステイホーム週間」に : 政治 : ニュース

-湘南エリアなどの海岸封鎖を 地元自治体が県に要望 新型コロナ

湘南エリアなどの海岸封鎖を 地元自治体が県に要望 新型コロナ | NHKニュース

-スーパーの混雑対策、午後発表 小池都知事

スーパーの混雑対策、午後発表 小池都知事:時事ドットコム

-俳優の岡江久美子さんが肺炎で死去 63歳 新型コロナに感染

俳優の岡江久美子さんが肺炎で死去 63歳 新型コロナに感染 | NHKニュース


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