4/22/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/22/2020 in Japan.

The Corona  Forces University Students in Japan to Leave from the University

A student group survey on the spread of the new coronavirus infection revealed that about 60% of university students answered that their part-time job income was reduced or lost. About 40% of the students answered that their parents’ incomes have disappeared or decreased, and 1 out of 13 students who answered the survey answered that they are starting to consider leaving the university. I was in a difficult situation.

10 Points of the Prevention of Corona Virus

In the conference of the prevention of the virus by the government, they showed 10 points how to prevent from the virus as below:

  1. Returning Home with online
  2. Going to supermarkets alone or few persons on vacant time
  3. Jogging with few persons and find the vacant place and time
  4. Do the Online shopping
  5. Do the Online Party
  6. Do the Online diagosis
  7. Do the exercise at home using the video
  8. Use take away or food delivery service
  9. Do your job at home
  10. Put the mask if you speak with someone

Shinzo Abe Calls for Online Returning Home

On 04/22/2020, Shinzo Abe called for the citizens that please don’t do returning home if you have a time. In general, a lot of workers and university students go back to their homeland because they have more time than other vacation. That is why the prime minister emphasized please do ONLINE returning home. Moreover, he calls for the citizens that the reduction of meeting with others.

Found 8 Infants Confirmed Cases in Infant home

The childcare worker infected by the virus on 04/16/2020. For that reason, The childcare center which has this worker did PCR testing so that there are 8 infants positive in today’s investigation. They are admitted to be in hospital now.

Shinkansen Passengers Will Do Thermometry During Golden Week

Spreading the corona virus, Aichi and Nagoya decide to take shinkansen passengers’ temperature in Nagoya Station during Golden Week(04/24/2020-05/06/2020).

If person who has high body temperature found in this plan, the train officer will introduce Returnee and High Contact center.

Infects are found in Cruise Ship in Nagasaki

On 04/22/2020, there are 34 foreign crew members are infected by corona virus.  There aren’t passengers in the Italian cruise ship.  In the first investigation, authorized person said this ship has berthed since January and the members didn’t get off from the ship. However, some crew members got off from the ship in today’s investigation.

SHARP Decided to Stop Selling the Masks

SHARP started to sell the masks on 04/21/2020 however, a lot of customers accessed a lot because of the access concentration, server was down also IoT products of SHARP did shutdown as well.

From these situation, SHARP decided to stop selling the masks. SHARP will inform when it begins to sell.


-学生13人に1人が退学検討 バイト減6割、親の収入も…学費に不安

学生13人に1人が退学検討 バイト減6割、親の収入も…学費に不安 - 毎日新聞

-接触8割減へ「10のポイント」 専門家会議が示す 新型コロナ

接触8割減へ「10のポイント」 専門家会議が示す 新型コロナ | NHKニュース

首相が「オンライン帰省」提案 8割削減協力も改めて要請

首相が「オンライン帰省」提案 8割削減協力も改めて要請 

-乳幼児8人が感染 保育士から広がった可能性


-【独自】新幹線利用者の検温実施へ GW中 名古屋駅で


-クルーズ船乗員33人、新型コロナ感染 修繕で停泊中―長崎

クルーズ船乗員33人、新型コロナ感染 修繕で停泊中―長崎:時事ドットコム


シャープ、マスク販売を一時停止。アクセス集中でIoT家電にも影響 - Engadget 日本版
シャープは自社製の不織布マスクの一般向け販売を一時的に取りやめると発表しました。 シャープは新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID-19)の流行を受けて製造を開始。その自社製マスクの初の一般販売として、自社サイトでの販売を昨日4月21日に開始しましたが、アクセスが殺到したため販売サイトにつながりにくい状況が継続していま...



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