4/20/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/20 /2020 in Japan.

The Government Shared How To Apply For the Benefit

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced the outline of uniform payment of 100,000 yen on the evening of the 20th. According to this, the benefits will be applicable to all people listed in the Basic Resident Register as of the 27th of this month, regardless of nationality.

Specifically, it applies to Japanese living in Japan and foreigners who have a residence status of more than 3 months and have reported their resident card.

We have two options to register as below:

  1. Delivery system from the post
  2. Online system (if you have My number Card)

Regarding the procedure, a document that allows the head of household to enter the account number of the financial institution in the name of the principal in the application form sent from the municipality with a resident card and confirm the account.This means that if you send back a copy of the identity verification document together, the benefits for the family will be transferred together.

Moreover, if you have a My Number card, you can apply online whose name is “My na portal”

If there is a household member who does not want to receive the benefit, fill out the form in the application form, and that person will not be paid.

Each municipality will decide the date to start accepting applications, and the deadline for applications is within 3 months from the start of acceptance.

The government  withdraws the money (100,000 yen) through your bank account.

This plan will start from May2020.

MEXT Gives The Schools Masks with Insects

the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) starts to give the masks for the school in Japan however some schools in Nara prefecture, they got masks with insects. Because of the problem, MEXT apologized the schools.

If you receive the masks from other place, please check it in advance.

Okinawa Issued an Original Emergency Declaration

Governor Tamaki Denny of Okinawa Prefecture issued a press conference at the prefectural office on the 20th and issued an “emergency declaration” unique to the prefecture in response to the spread of the new coronavirus in Okinawa Prefecture. He called out “One-fifth action in Okinawa” to reduce the chances of contacting the citizens of the prefecture by 80%, and called for “Let’s work together to overcome the difficulties”. We urged the government to add Okinawa Prefecture to the “specified vigilance prefectures” that promote efforts to prevent the spread of infection. The request for leave and compensation were only stated as “considered within the agency and announced on the 22nd.”

Tokyo Found 102 cases and 6 died cases

On 04/20/2020, Tokyo found 102 confirmed cases in Tokyo in this cases, there are 6 died cases only one day.

SHARP Will Sell Original Mask from 04/21/2020

SHARP is going to sell masks for personnel users in “SHARP COCORO LIFE” on EC website from 04/21/2020.

SHARP was requested by the government and the company decided to produce masks on 02/28/2020.

The name of product: 不織布マスク/MA-1050

The amount: 50 masks in one box ⇒One box for 1 person

※You must not but more than one box.

Price: 2980 yen (without shipping price)

The time to sell: 04/21/2020 10:00 am

The place to buy: online

You can buy here⇒URL: https://cocorolife.jp.sharp/mask


マスクに虫が混入 文科省が学校に配布|日テレNEWS24

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サービストップ | マイナポータル

-10万円給付金、申請はネットか郵送で オンライン申請にはマイナンバーカードが必要

10万円給付金、申請はネットか郵送で オンライン申請にはマイナンバーカードが必要

-県民活動を5分の1に 沖縄県が独自に緊急事態宣言 外出などの自粛求める

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-東京 新たに6人死亡確認 新型コロナ感染

東京都内で新たに新型コロナ感染者6人が死亡 うち1人は40代 - ライブドアニュース


シャープが自社製マスクを個人向けに販売開始、4月21日10時からスタート|@DIME アットダイム
シャープは、4月21日より、「SHARP COCORO LIFE」のECサイトにて、個人向けにマスクの販売を開始する。シャープは、日本政府からの要請を受け、三重工場のクリーンルームにおけるマスクの生産を2月28日に決定...


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