4/19/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/19/2020 in Japan.

New iPhone SE Postpones To Sell in Japan

The biggest 3 mobile companies, KDDI, Docomo, and SoftBank decides to postpone selling new iPhone SE 04/27/2020 to 05/11/2020 in Japan. This change is to prevent the virus and not to make classer too.

Yamanashi and Ishikawa Will Do Shutdown Request by themselves

Yamanashi will do shutdown request to the facilities in Yamanashi from 04/20/2020. Moreover, Ishikawa will carry out shutdown request to the facilities from 04/21/2020.

If you want to know what kind of facility will be closed, please check this page as below:


Fukui Sends “MASK TICKET“ to Whole Fukui

It was discovered on April 18 that Fukui Prefecture has decided to distribute a purchase ticket to all households in the prefecture, while masks are still difficult to obtain due to the new coronavirus. If you bring a purchase ticket to the nearest drug store “Genkey”, you can purchase up to 2 boxes of 50 boxes (2350 yen including tax). The sale is scheduled to start on the 24th, until May 10th. According to the prefecture, it is the first time in Japan to offer masks to citizens of the prefecture.


Doctors Warned Will Reach Medical Collapse in Japan Soon

As the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increases in Japan, medical associations in various regions have pointed out that the medical system may collapse.

According to several doctors, some critically ill patients cannot be treated in the emergency room due to the load of the new coronavirus infection “COVID-19”.

In some cases, an ambulance carried a patient with new virus symptoms, but was refused at 80 hospitals by the time the medical examination was available.

Japan seemed to contain the epidemic of the new virus for a while, but the confirmed number of infected people exceeded 10,000 on the 18th.

Over 200 people were confirmed dead in Japan due to COVID-19. Infectious damage has become particularly serious in the capital, Tokyo.

Mcdonalds in Japan Won’t Use The Tables Inside

Mcdonalds decided to stop using the inside tables to prevent the virus.

This plan will start from 05:00, 04/20/2020 to 24:00, 05/20/2020.

The stores in 13 specific areas will carry out this as below:

Tokyo 350 Saitama 180 Fukuoka 90 Ishikawa 30 Kyoto 80
Kanagawa 230 Osaka 240 Hokkaido 90 Gifu 40
Chiba 160 Hyogo 150 Ibaragi 80 Aichi 190

Total: About 1910 stores

The working time depends on each store.

You can take away and use drive through.


廉価版iPhoneの発売延期 コロナ対策で

山梨、石川も休業要請 協力金、対応に差 緊急事態宣言



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