4/16/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/16/2020 in Japan.

Playground Equipments Are Prohibited Every Japan

Playground equipments in the public park are closing now to protect kids and teens.

If there are playgrounds, it is a motivation to make crowded places.

However, this decision depends on the areas. Not only playgrounds but also parks can’t use because of the protection.

The Government  Proclaimed The Emergency Call Whole Japan

On 04/16/2020, Japanese government proclaimed the state of emergency over COVID-19 expanding all domestic scale.

This emergency call started from 04/16/2020 to 05/06/2020.

Moreover there are 13 specific cautions states as below:

  • 東京(Tokyo)
  • 大阪(Osaka)
  • 北海道(Hokkaido)
  • 茨城(Ibaragi)
  • 埼玉(Saitama)
  • 千葉(Chiba)
  • 神奈川(Kanagawa)
  • 石川(Ishikawa)
  • 岐阜(Gifu)
  • 愛知(Aichi)
  • 京都(Kyoto)
  • 兵庫(Hyogo)
  • 福岡(Fukuoka)

The Government Will Proclaim The Emergency Call Whole Japan

On 04/16/2020, Japanese government is consulting about a state of emergency over COVID-19 expanding all domestic scale.

Right now the government proclaimed these area as below:

Tokyo Kanagawa Saitama Chiba Osaka Hyogo Fukuoka


The Government Thinks The Economic Proposal

On 04/16/2020, The government is considering offering benefits to all the citizens of Japan.

The benefit is 100,000 yen for every Japanese citizens. This result will announce soon.

Japanese Government Will Deliver Cloth Masks for Japanese Citizens

Japanese government will deliver masks for Japanese Citizens from 04/17/2020.

On 04/16/2020, the government sent masks for post office in Tokyo. First they will deliver masks 2 cloth masks distribution to Tokyo citizens.
It is because the numbers of confirmed case in Tokyo is the highest in Japan so that Japanese government will start to send the masks Tokyo first. After that post office from Tokyo will deliver them to other prefectures.

-滑り台などの公園の遊具、各地で使用禁止に 「子どもたち密集させないため」

滑り台などの公園の遊具、各地で使用禁止に 「子どもたち密集させないため」 - 毎日新聞

-緊急事態宣言、全国に拡大 来月6日まで、新型コロナ感染爆発へ危機感―政府

緊急事態宣言、全国に拡大 来月6日まで、新型コロナ感染爆発へ危機感―政府:時事ドットコム

-「緊急事態宣言」全国に拡大へ 政府方針固める きょう諮問へ

「緊急事態宣言」全国に拡大へ 政府方針固める きょう諮問へ | NHKニュース

-政府配布のマスク 東京の郵便局に到着

政府配布のマスク 東京の郵便局に到着|日テレNEWS24

-首相 10万円給付へ補正予算案組み替え方針 自民幹部に伝える

首相 10万円給付へ補正予算案組み替え方針 自民幹部に伝える | NHKニュース


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