4/14/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/14/2020 in Japan.

923 Bullet Trains (Shinkansen) Canceled

JR East announced on the 14th that due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the temporary trains of 923 Shinkansen trains, 340 limited express trains and high-speed trains of conventional lines were suspended until the end of May .

Drag store Stop Sell Mask in Every Morning

Tsuruha Drag, which is one of the supply chain of the drag stores in Japan decided to stop selling masks for the customers in every morning. It is because they want to make the line to buy masks in early morning.

For the protection of the customers, they continue the plan.

If someone wants to buy masks, anti-bacteria spray and sheets, you can buy them as below.


161 Confirmed Cases in Tokyo One Day

On 04/14/2020, Tokyo found 161 confirmed cases there including under 10 years old. In total, there are 2319 confirmed cases in Tokyo.

A governor of Tokyo continues to call unnecessary outings.

Osaka, Chiba, and Fukuoka Started Shutdown Request

From 04/14/2020 Osaka and Chiba started shutdown request.

Sapporo Started Shutdown Request

From 04/14/2020 Sapporo started closing schools until 05/06/2020.

Slight Illness Patients Go to Hotel Tokyo

To keep the numbers of bed, Tokyo  has been transferred patients with slight illness and without symptoms to go to the hotels for the follow up since  04/07/2020.

This week, Tokyo is lending 2 new hotels. From 04/14/2020, Tokyo started the public offering for hotels and inn which can accept patients.

The goal of the plan is that Tokyo will have 1000 rooms for the patients.


JR東日本、新幹線923本の運転取りやめ(共同通信) - Yahoo!ニュース


-「朝のマスク販売やめます」 ツルハドラッグが決断した背景にある「転売」と「トラブル」

「朝のマスク販売やめます」 ツルハドラッグが決断した背景にある「転売」と「トラブル」

東京都内 新たに161人感染確認 計2319人に 新型コロナウイルス

-軽症などの患者は直接ホテルで経過観察へ 東京都

軽症などの患者は直接ホテルで経過観察へ 東京都
 新型コロナウイルスの感染が拡大するなか、東京都では軽症者や無症状の人については入院させずに直接、ホテルに入ってもらって経過観察を行うことを検討しています。  都では重症者らを治療する病院のベッド数を増やすため、7日から入院中でも軽症者や症状がない感染者をホテルに移して経過観察を始めていました。都によりますと、感染者...


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