4/12/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/12/2020 in Japan.

Hyogo Will Decide Shutdown Soon

Followed by Osaka, Hyogo also thinks about shutdown requests to the facilities.

A governor of Osaka will decide whether they try to carry out shutdown by 04/14/2020.

That is why a governor of Hyogo said we  will decide our policy as soon as possible.

Schools in Sapporo Will be closed Again

Hokkaido( The northern part of Japan)

A Governor of Hokkaido and a mayor of Sapporo proclaimed that closing schools and avoid outings to citizens.

The number of cases was declining but nearly few days, the rate of cases is increasing.

By this, Hokkaido proclaimed to carry out these actions again.

These plans are going to start from 04/14/2020 to 05/06/2020.

Chiba decided to do Shutdown Request

4/12/2020. A Chiba governor hold the press conference about shutdown request. He decided to carry out the plan on next Tuesday (4/14/2020). Followed by Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama.

Confirmed Cases in Tokyo

A survey (4/12/2020) by Tokyo, they found 166 confirmed cases in Tokyo.  The total amount is 2068 cases in Tokyo.

A survey(4/11/2020) by Tokyo, they found 197 confirmed cases in Tokyo. Within 152 cases, they didn’t find routes of transmission. This number is the highest of the four days. Infected cases in Tokyo are increasing.

Compiling this data, there are 1907 cases in Tokyo.

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