Limun’s Japanese Class | What are you doing? – 4/4

にほんご : Japanese
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本編 | Main Topic


I am Limun who cooked curry.
Let’s learn Japanese leisurely.


Well, today you will learn about how to say what is happening now.
Let’s begin.

例文 | Example

(The conversation of Tufaha and Limun)
Tufaha : 今何をしていますか?
Limun : 今記事を書いています。
Tufaha : へえ。それは大変ですね。頑張って!
Limun : 頑張ります(泣)

解説 | Explanation

The last sentence.


It is easy to understand.

Because you know, you don’t have to say the subject (I will say this many times).
So Limun said “私は頑張ります” that means “I will try hard”.

…Okay…so, today’s class is over!

…Wait, there is a part you are forgetting.

What is “(泣)”?

It is casual Japanese and people often use when they want to show their feeling.

I will tell you some of them.
“笑” : laugh
“泣” : cry
“怒” : angry
“哀” : sad

There are emotions we use. I think “笑” is commonly used.

There are many types of “笑”.
For example, “w” is used mainly among young people.
爆笑” means like “laugh a lot”, and some young people use “” only.

Maybe “怒” is not used so much. Because when people get angry they don’t use it intentionally.
So “怒” is sometimes used.

And often there is no “()”.

I will tell you some types of example.
“何をしているの?笑” : “what are you doing? haha”
“それ面白いねw” : “That’s funny lol”
“ああ、今日何もしてない(泣” : “sigh…I have done nothing today…”

But if you show the emotions there are so useful things.
Using stickers is the easiest. You don’t need use the above kanji if you use stickers.

Now you all understand the story.
T : What are you doing?
L : I am writing articles now.
T : I see. It is hard, right? Try hard!
L : Yes I will (crying).

Yes it is. Writing articles is not so easy.

It takes a lot of time.(and maybe I took many mistakes)
But if there are people who want to know about Japanese language, I want to teach you.

It is all for today.

See you next time.

おまけ | Extra Topic

Today’s Cool Japanese Words

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