Limun’s Japanese Class | What are you doing? – 1/4

にほんご : Japanese
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本編 | Main Topic


I am Limun who is lack of sleep.
Let’s learn Japanese leisurely.


Well, today you will learn about how to say what is happening now.
Let’s begin.

例文 | Example

(The conversation of Tufaha and Limun)
Tufaha : 今何をしていますか?
Limun : 今記事を書いています。
Tufaha : へえ。それは大変ですね。頑張って!
Limun : 頑張ります(泣)

解説 | Explanation

Okay. Today’s story is a little sad story. You will understand all after learning those sentences.

There are 4 sentences in the example.
At first, I will introduce the first sentence.
This structure is really important because we use it commonly.

“今(ima)何(nani)をしていますか?” means “What are you doing now?”

First of all, I will say this again.
We don’t have to say the subject.
This is important that’s why I said it again.
Maybe I will say this many times in the future too.

We all know Tufaha is asking to Limun. It is obvious.

Then we don’t have to say “あなたは今何をしていますか?”

In English it is like “What doing now?”. In English it is strange but in Japanese it is no problem.

“何” means “what”.

So you can use only “何” such as “何?” like English.

It depends on the situation but generally means like “What?”.
So simple.

“何をしていますか?” is the kind of idioms you have to remember.

Now there is no problem when you just remember whole of the sentence.

Of course you can guess, it means “What are you doing?”
“~ています” is “I am doing ~” when the subject is “I”.

The next sentence I will explain more details.

Part2 is here

おまけ | Extra Topic

Today’s Cool Japanese Words

pearls cast before swine


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