Limun’s Japanese Class | Self Introduction-2/4

にほんご : Japanese
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本編 | Main Topic


I am Limun who eat ramen several times recently.
Let’s learn Japanese leisurely.


Well, today you will learn about self introduction in Japanese too.
Let’s begin.

例文 | Example

  1. はじめまして。
  2. 私の名前はらいむーんです。
  3. 出身は東京で、今は千葉に住んでいます。
  4. 趣味は映画鑑賞と言語を学ぶことです。
  5. よろしくお願いします。

解説 | Explanation

Today, I will teach you the third sentences.

If you want to learn from the first, click here

Sentence 3

When you want to say where you are from, you can say like “私の出身(syusshin)は〜です” or “私は〜出身です”.

出身 represents “the place you were born”.

So you can say like“私の出身はアメリカ(America)です” or “私の出身はニューヨーク(New York)です”. Both is okay.

When you add more information in the sentence, the easiest way is to add “and” in English.

We can say it is the same in Japanese. We have a lot of way to say “and” but I will introduce 2 ways in this article.

But before that, I will teach the last part of the third sentence. 
今は means “now”.
千葉(Chiba)に住(su)んでいます represent the speaker is living in Chiba.
This time I don’t teach the detail about this part because I can write several articles to explain it. (I will explain in another page)
But now it is okay to know the speaker was born in Tokyo and now living in Chiba.

Now let’s get back on track. I will introduce 2 ways to say “and “.
One is to say “そして”. For example, “私は東京(Tokyo)出身です。そして、今は千葉に住んでいます。”

The other is getting rid of the last “す” and connect the next information.
For example, the third sentence, “出身は東京で、今は千葉に住んでいます”. I use this as a main example sentence because it is more natural for me.

And you may notice this.
You don’t have to say the subject(in this case “私は”) in daily conversation. 
Personally this fundamental rule is so important to understand daily conversation in Japanese. In my article this will appear a lot I think. So don’t forget.

(Actually that rule appears a lot in my article)

People can understand it without saying the subject in the most case.
So, you can say “私の出身は東京です” of course.
But you can also say “出身は東京です” or “東京出身です”. (Both is okay but the latter one is natural for me when you only say that)

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おまけ | Extra Topic

Today’s Cool Japanese Words


A word to a wise man is enough


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