Limun’s Japanese Class | Questioning – 1/3

にほんご : Japanese
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本編 | Main Topic


I am Limun who like games.
Let’s learn Japanese leisurely.


Well, today you will learn about how to make question in Japanese.
Let’s begin.

例文 | Example


解説 | Explanation

In this time you will learn how to ask “where is ~?”.
It is easy.
At first, 銀行 is “a bank”

All you have to memorize is “~はどこですか?”
It means “Where is ~?”

Maybe some of you noticed that this sentence is constructed by “~は…です” form.
Basically when you put “か” at the last, it will make the sentence to be a question.

For example

  • 明日(ashita)は晴(ha)れです : It will be sunny tomorrow.
  • 明日は晴れですか? : Will it be sunny tomorrow?
  • あなたは先生(sensei)です : You are a teacher.
  • あなたは先生ですか? : Are you a teacher?

Like that, you can make question so easily.

This time you can learn new word.


“どこ” means “where” when you make question.

So, when you want to know where is your friend and you say “どこ?” to the friend on the phone.

At least, among friends you can say “~はどこ?”. Like, “らいむーんはどこ?”

“~です” is a word that show respect to others.

When you want to know where is your pen you can say like “あのペンどこ?” to your friends.

“あの” is “The” in this sentence. So, “Where is the pen” is the meaning.

あの is a kind of こそあど言葉(kotoba). This article will help you to understand that.

Okay, so now you understand all of the first sentence.

“銀行はどこですか?” means “Where is a bank?” and the questioner ask politely.

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おまけ | Extra Topic

Today’s Cool Japanese Words

A hedge between keeps friendship green.


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