Hyakunin isshu-3

Ogura hyakunin issyu
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I will introduce “Ogura hyakunin isshu” No.3 in this article.

In this category “Ogura hyakunin isshu”, I will introduce every “waka” one by one.

This article is for me and you who want to know about hyakunin isshu.

It may contains mistake and I don’t care about little mistakes.

Let’s begin!



“Ogura hyakunin isshu”のカテゴリーでは、一つ一つ和歌を紹介していきます。




あしびきの 山鳥の尾の しだり尾の ながながし夜を ひとりかも寝む

This waka is composed by Kakinomoto-no Hitomaro.

He is a waka composer in Aska era. And he is one of the best waka composer of Manyoshu.

He is good at making waka that is unique.


あしびきの 山鳥の尾の しだり尾の ながながし夜を ひとりかも寝む

It is read like “Ashibikino yamadorinowono shidariono naganagashiyowo hitorikamonen”.

あしびきの山鳥の尾のしだり尾 means like “The long long tail of mountain bird”.

ながながし夜 means like “Long long night”.

ひとりかも寝む means like “Sleeping with nobody”.

So this waka is a sad waka.

“sleeping with no one at so long night like tail of a mountain bird which have very long one”.

That’s all for today.

See you next time!


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