How to Register Cash Benefit of the Prevention of Coronavirus

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04/20/2020 Updated

The Government Shared How To Apply For the Benefit

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced the outline of uniform payment of 100,000 yen on the evening of the 20th. According to this, the benefits will be applicable to all people listed in the Basic Resident Register as of the 27th of this month, regardless of nationality.

Specifically, it applies to Japanese living in Japan and foreigners who have a residence status of more than 3 months and have reported their resident card.

We have two options to register as below:

  1. Delivery system from the post
  2. Online system (if you have My number Card)

Regarding the procedure, a document that allows the head of household to enter the account number of the financial institution in the name of the principal in the application form sent from the municipality with a resident card and confirm the account.This means that if you send back a copy of the identity verification document together, the benefits for the family will be transferred together.

Moreover, if you have a My Number card, you can apply online whose name is “My na portal”

If there is a household member who does not want to receive the benefit, fill out the form in the application form, and that person will not be paid.

Each municipality will decide the date to start accepting applications, and the deadline for applications is within 3 months from the start of acceptance.

The government  withdraws the money (100,000 yen) through your bank account.

This plan will start from May2020.

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