4/29/2020 Corona Virus Information in Japan

الحياة في اليابان Life in Japan
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COVID-19 #Japan

This page compiled the data relating to Corona Virus on 4/29/2020 in Japan.

A state of emergency will be postponed?

Shinzo Abe mentioned about a state of emergency today. He said it is difficult to finish the declaration so that he pointed out extending the date    about the declaration. However he didn’t decide which date will extend but the conformed cases in Japan still increases.

13 lists of becoming Aggravation

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced 13 lists which becomes aggravation by corona virus as below:

[Facial expression / appearance]
▽ Facial color would be worse
▽ Lip would be purple
▽ Unusual, strange appearance

[Suffering, etc.]
▽ Increased breathing rate
▽ I suddenly became stuffy
▽ You can’t breath well when you move or walk a little
▽ chest pain
▽Can’t lie down. Can’t  breathe without sitting
▽ Taking a breathe on the shoulder
▽ Suddenly (within 2 hours) I started to not to be able to breathe

[Disturbance of consciousness]
▽ Vague (weak reaction)
▽ no reply
▽ The pulse flies and the rhythm of the pulse is disturbed

緊急事態宣言 5月6日に終了は厳しい状況 安倍首相 コロナ

軽症患者 緊急性高い13症状のリスト公表 厚労省 新型コロナ



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